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Safe Water for Uganda


This is the water source that villagers drank from in Uganda.  Now they drink safe water from a borehole that you as donors provided.


10th Annual Walk4Water

I have come to the conclusion that we show true gratefulness by how we live our lives. The walkers at the W4W showed their gratefulness by walking to provide safe water to our thirsty world.  Some of you have been giving throughout the year, local businesses have given, and when you pool all this money together, we were able to make a difference for good!

Jimmy’s Project - Larry & Sandy Leatherman: Uganda $10,000

Lifewater International - Christine Zurbach: Ethiopia  $12,000

World Vision - Alan Schiffer: Zambia $12,000 (will be matched)

With the match, a total $46,000 will provide clean water, sanitation, and training in hygiene for 1,150 Africans for life!



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