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Beatniks & Cal Java Give a Borehole

Working together for good is the best! Beatniks Coffee House and Cal Java Coffee Roasters on East Ave, gave free store space for BTG Market to sell their merchandise. Today Bridging the Gap by Giving was able to give a $12,000, which will be matched, to World Vision from the sales at the coffee shops in 2017 for safe water projects in Zambia, Africa. Thank you Mike Crest, Mike and Kelly Huber, and all you shoppers that made a difference for good. I also want to thank Jan Mirts and Liz Sperber for volunteering by stocking the coffee shops every Tuesday morning.


11th Annual Christmas Boutique

Every $40 gives an African clean water for life.  138 Africans will receive clean water, sanitation, and training in hygiene  by all the shoppers at the 11th Annual Christmas Boutique this year.  BTG Market raised $5,523. It was the most attended Boutique thus far.  Your shopping made a difference for good.



New Borehole in Uganda

The school age children were so excited to see a borehole being built at their school in the Kayamake village in Uganda.  Training in hygiene and sanitation is included in this project.  This project is very special to BTG.  Daniel Ololia, the director of TivaWater, oversaw the project and it is in the village that his parents lived in.



$5,000 Match Completed

A  $5,000 Challenge Match was announced at the Appreciation Dinner by an anonymous donor. The Challenge began August 1, and ends September 30, 2017.  Though the evening was not a fundraiser, the challenge has already been completed.  The money raised will go to Uganda water projects.


11th Annual BTG Appreciation Dinner

  1. *Daniel Ololia and Wilter Ololia were the guests of honor.  Daniel shared his life journey  from childhood to becoming the Managing Director of TivaWater and the overseer of 4 of BTG’S water projects in Uganda.  A deep appreciation was shown to all the donors who have given to our thirsty world.

  2. *A check of $14,400 was given to Daniel Ololia.  It will be used to put in a borehole, 3 sanitation units at a village school plus 14 TivaWater filters at another village school.

  3. *Over 25,000 Africans have received clean water, sanitation, and training in hygiene in the past 11 years.

  4. *The 10th Annual Walk4Water will be on April 14, 2018 and everyone was encouraged to dream how to double the attendance.

  5. *Daniel was surprised by a check of $14,400.  The money will be used to put in a borehole, 3 sanitation units, training in hygiene, and 14 TivaWater filters at a village school in Uganda.



April Giving

Throughout  the year BTG receives gifts from many generous people and we do not like money sitting in BTG’S account.  We are excited to announce that are two latest grants have been given to Lifewater International ($12,000) for water projects in Kaliro, Uganda  and Feeding the Nations ($6,500) for a bore hole in Burkina Faso, which were both matched to bring the total to $18,500.  Another 462 Africans will receive clean water for life. Grant and I will be visiting Kaliro this summer.


9th Annual Walk4Water

Three weeks ago many of us participated in the 9th Annual W4W by volunteering, walking, or donating.  Some did all three.  We are forever grateful for each one of you.  By working together for good, we were able to give Lifewater International $12,000, WaterTiva $10,000, and World Vision $12,000 which was matched bring the total to $46,000.  1,150 Africans received clean water, sanitation, and training in hygiene for life, because you were involved!




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